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How Bethany Children's Health Center Informs, Educates and Engages with Their Healthcare Workforce

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You'll Learn How...

  • Bethany Children's onboarded 80% of staff to their employee app Buzzcom in under 6 months, and maintains 100% active users today
  • A mobile comms strategy connects a health system of over 800 employees
  • Bethany Children's Richard Mills-Tetteh notifies employees in an instant of potential emergencies
  • Buzzcom has become the go-to resource for their company, which was precisely what they had hoped for

"Before our employee app Buzzcom, our employees had a great need for streamlined communication. Departments were siloed and information was not getting to the right people at the right time. All of that has changed since working with Staffbase."

Richard Mills-Tetteh, Director Corporate of Communications, Bethany Children's Health Center