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"From Vision to Victory: Unlock DISHOOM's Success Story"

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Discover how DISHOOM transformed their internal communication and engagement with a new Staffbase App.

  • Staffbase simplified Dishoom's communication channels by creating a streamlined and targeted app interface.
  • Staffbase's analytics provided in-depth insights beyond basic metrics, enhancing Dishoom's ability to measure and improve engagement effectively.
  • Switching to Staffbase's app replaced costly print methods, reducing Dishoom's expenses and environmental impact.
  • The Staffbase app enabled DISHOOM to secure 25 friend referrals for job postings within a week.

The numbers flew up. I had given myself until the three-month mark to reach as many people as possible. Within just a few weeks — I had no worries about the registration rate. We’re currently sitting at 97% even with the high turnover in our industry.”

Tyler Rose, Internal Communications and TeamEngagement, Dishoom

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