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A One-Stop Hub for Internal Comms: How Max Mara Fashion Group Informed, Engaged and Aligned Their Entire Workforce

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  • Italian Fashion Group, Max Mara connected 5,500 dispersed employees spread across 105 countries
  • Implemented an employee app, leading to 80% of the organisation being monthly active users
  • Maintained communication with their workforce and addressed key concerns, relevant to each department, throughout the COVID-19 crisis
  • Improved their internal comms strategies to promote open communication and unite employees

“The aim is to stay connected to our employees in this delicate period by not only communicating government and company regulations, but also engaging with them about cultural initiatives such as virtual events, home fitness, food challenges etc. What we are most proud of is that our team acknowledges that the most important aim of our app is to stay connected to our employees”

HRM Director at Max Mara Fashion Group