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How RHI Magnesita Combined Forces and Transformed Their Company Culture with an Employee App

You'll Learn About How RHI Magnestia.....

  • Connected 14,000 dispersed employees on 4 continents, with over 35 production sites, and more than 70 sales offices
  • Reached more than 60% of the company's remote employees (in eight different languages!) and established a new company culture
  • Increased employee engagement with an employee app and achieved 70% weekly active users
  • Improved their internal comms strategy to promote the importance of health & safety in the workplace

“Communication mainly travelled in one direction—but that’s not a good way to get started on implementing cultural change. We wanted more momentum, more direct communication, stronger collaboration, and more involvement on the issues. An employee newspaper could no longer fulfil these requirements. An interactive tool was necessary and important,”

Stefan Rathausky, Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications at RHIMagnesita.