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Webinar: How an Employee App Works for DHL

DHL—a premier international logistics company with 550,000 employees across 220 countries—uses an employee app to localize communications and culture across their entire organization. We sat down with Digital Media Manager Simon Püttmann to find out how and why.


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Here Are the Facts

DHL employs more than half a million people—over half of whom are spread around the world, not seated at a desk in headquarters. DHL needed to find a way to effectively communicate internally throughout this dispersed network while simultaneously personalizing each employee’s experience.

This was Simon Püttmann's challenge.

In this 40 minute webinar, you’ll learn more about DHL's:

  • Employee-app decision making process
  • Pilot phase to determine successful practices
  • Strategy to get all 300,000 non-desk workers to register with their app and engage with the content
  • Key findings when it came to communicating with all of their international non-desk workers
About the Speaker



Simon Püttmann
Digital Media Manager at DHL
  • Developed, implemented, and rolled-out a worldwide employee-app for operational employees in DPDHL
  • Developed the international Corporate Intranet & CMS
  • Developed trainings for internal digital tools
  • Consulted and implemented internal digital media solutions in DPDHL