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Definitely Not Your '90s Intranet:
A Product Demo of Staffbase

NA Webinar - Definitely Not Your 90s Intranet - On demand LP
At Staffbase, we know the impact a modern intranet can have on an internal comms strategy. Intranets have become the key to connecting companies like never before. Relevance, reach, and accessibility on all devices, make the intranet an indispensable workplace tool!

Watch this demo to find out why Staffbase Intranet is an efficient, effective, and mobile front door into today’s digital workplace. In this demo, we discuss the benefits of a modern intranet for both the end-user and the intranet coordinator, demonstrate how our platform can be implemented, and so much more. ✨

Watch the demo:

In this demo, we discuss:

  • How modern intranets boost collaboration.
  • Tips for a seamless intranet integration.
  • Your questions about the back-end user experience.
  • How your employees will experience a Staffbase Intranet.

Meet our panelists:

Kelly Designs  (1)-Apr-18-2023-09-47-51-3644-PM
Rush Cromer
Enterprise Account Executive at Staffbase