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How does the Fresca Group Cultivates Connectivity With a Staffbase Employee App

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Grapevine was already in place, but it lacked the resources to make the most of it. After the revamp, the Staffbase App became an important channel where people felt connected, engaged, and heard.

During the Simply IC event, Shelley Kingsnorth, Digital Content Business Partner at Fresca Group, presented their journey in tackling communication challenges within their workforce.

Discover how Fresca Group, which deals with non-desk employees and a diverse language base, leveraged the Grapevine App to ensure the right people received the right messages at the right time and to boost engagement.

Watch Shelley Kingsnorth guide you through Fresca's employee app

In this session you'll hear:

  • How they shaped their platform and changed from "just another app" to "an essential and engaging one".
  • How Fresca makes colleagues feel connected, no matter their role or where in the world they work.
  • How they achieved clear, targeted communication in different languages and obtained transparent audience feedback.
  • Grapevine performance metrics for desktop and mobile phone with benchmark comparisons.


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Shelley Kingsnorth
Digital Content Business Partner at Fresca Group