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Brewed For Success: How BrewDog Connected a Global Workforce During the Pandemic

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Did you know BrewDog easily connected their remote workforce during the pandemic? You better beer-lieve it! 🍻 Watch this lively session with Karen Bates, Group People Director at BrewDog to learn how they raised the bar and connected over 2,000 people across the globe.

In this session, you'll learn how....

  • An employee app promoted culture and united 2,000 employees in 105 locations across the globe
  • Within three months of launching their employee app "Huddle", BrewDog had over 80% of their workforce signed up and actively using it
  • BrewDog has been able to create a unique company culture, and how they used their employee app to do that
  • To communicate company values to an entire workforce in a fun and engaging way

The Speakers:

Alex Smith
Account Executive at Staffbase
Karen Bates
Group People Director at BrewDog