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Transformative Launch: Insights from Moto Hospitality's Award-Winning Staffbase Intranet

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Loop was already in place at Moto Hospitality, but it needed a major overhaul to truly shine. After the revamp, Loop won the Best Intranet at the Simplys Awards and earned a high commendation for its campaign work.

During the Simply IC event, Emma James, Moto Hospitality's Head of Colleague Experience and Comms, shared their journey in transforming Loop into an indispensable tool for their 6,000 employees, most of whom are frontline workers.

Experience the transformation of Moto's outdated intranet, Monica, into Loop—a dynamic platform that offers employees access to discounts, benefits, communications, and recognition all in one place. Through their engaging campaign, 'We Broke Up with Monica,' discover how they achieved a remarkable 95% adoption rate in just 18 months, keeping employees engaged and making the intranet an essential part of daily operations.

Catch this session to see how Moto's award-winning intranet transformation was achieved effectively on a minimal budget.

Watch Emma James: Winning Intranet Strategies by Moto

In this session you'll hear:

  • How Moto revamped their intranet from the slow and ineffective Monica to the award-winning Loop, making it a vital tool for all employees.
  • How leadership support and strategic use of feedback were pivotal in Moto's successful intranet transformation, ensuring it met the needs of a diverse workforce.
  • How the innovative campaign, roadshows, and on-site training drove Loop's successful launch and high employee engagement.
  • Detailed performance metrics and fun facts showcasing Loop's impact on Moto Hospitality’s communication strategy and employee satisfaction after the first month and 18 months.


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Emma James
Head of Colleague Experience and Comms at Moto Hospitality