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The Staffbase Employee App Brochure

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This App Brochure Covers:

Reaching all your employees no matter whether they are sitting at a desk or working on the frontline is becoming a cornerstone of modern employee communication. The Staffbase Employee App makes updates immediately available to employees, anywhere and at any time – no complexity and no code needed. In this brochure, you’ll see how you can transform the way employees connect to their colleagues and company, and enable a central access point for relevant information and employee services on-the-go, including:

  • Different types of comms you can cover with the app, from top-down, to user-generated content
  • Examples of tools and services you can make accessible and mobile with the app
  • How you can use the app to centralize critical company information for everyone, in easy-to-create pages
  • Even more use cases, such as digital employee surveys and people directory