7 Questions to Answer when Creating an Internal App

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Not long ago a downpour hit St. Petersburg Beach, Florida, flooding the front driveway just as employees were arriving at TradeWinds Island Resorts.


“When things like that pop up, then you need to communicate with employees quickly,” says Don Wooldridge, vice president of culture development and training at the tourist destination. “So I was able to jump on the app and in seconds send out an alert to everybody.”

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Selling an Employee App — 7 Steps to Building a Convincing Case

You know you should get started on mobile communication. Not only has mobility become a central part of our personal daily lives, your workforce now also demands it in corporate culture.


Especially Millennials and Gen Z are used to an ongoing stream of feedback and communication via their smartphone and expect the same continuous conversation at work. In addition, with the war for talents coming to a peak, applicants are not afraid to demand what they want from their employers.


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An employee app for Audi: "Vorsprung durch Technik"

Audi Brussels is an Audi manufacturing plant located in Vorst/ForestBelgium. The German-engineered automobile brand is one of the best-selling luxury automobile brands in the world. Their slogan "Vorsprung Durch Technik", means "Advancement through Technology" and holding true to this motto, the company's branch in Brussels has now implemented their "my-Audi-Brussels" app.


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The Anatomy of an Employee Experience – Refining Today's Workplace

The workplace is changing: In the industrial era, the focus was on laborers and what they were able to produce with their hands. In the information age, knowledge became the new product and had a prime influence on the economy. But now we are entering the cognitive era and another change is taking place. The lines between employees and technology are blurring, and instead of focusing solely on numbers, the employee experience (EX) is shifting into focus.

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The New Employee App: Modern Design, Polished Start Page and Group Messaging

This March your employee app receives a major redesign that will take your internal communication to the next level visually. Subsequently, the new start page allows you to show content in a new, more intuitive manner and gives everyone a direct access point for news, pages and other services, relevant to them. Group messaging and video-upload capability are two more exciting new features that are now available. Improvements for the forms and maps plugins round off this release.

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