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Carla Kath

Carla Corban Kath is a Communication Evangelist at Staffbase. She has experienced comms from the inside out during her career and believes that carefully crafted communications—much like cupcakes—can provide sweet experiences for both employees and business. Raised in the South and surviving in the Northeast, she relies on a prudent "bless your heart" every day.
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Use Your Employee Communication Tools to Make a Business Impact

Strategic communication professionals know that if you have a limited or unlimited budget, a small team or a large department, it's always smart to get as much mileage as possible out of the employee communication tools, channels, content, and resources at your disposal. We joined with International Vice Chair of the International Association of Business Communicators and Founder of Dewpoint Communications, Victoria Dew, SCMP to learn about some of her magical and most-requested insights to make an internal communication impact in the workplace.

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7 DIY Video Ideas for Internal Communication

As communication professionals, we all know that the power of an awesome video is unmatched at telling stories for internal or external purposes. That said, video production isn't cheap, making video expenditures a frequent victim on the budget chopping block. But don't despair! You can in fact save your company thousands of dollars by learning to produce videos in-house. Award-winning video producer Andy Pollard of Children's Mercy Kansas City saved his health care organization approximately $200,000 in just one year, creating videos that engaged almost 8,000 employees in multiple locations across the midwest. See some of his videos here and learn some effective storytelling techniques that you can use to make your own amazing videos!

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Australasia's Public Transport Leader Transdev Launches Pilot App to Improve Internal Communication

It’s 7 o’clock in the morning in Melbourne, and hundreds of workers are counting on Transdev to get them to work on time. Public transportation is a big job in Australia and New Zealand; relying on almost 6,000 Transdev employees who operate more than 2,000 vehicles and vessels carrying 145 million customers each year.


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3 Ways to Unleash Your Internal Influencers to Produce Results

Internal influencers are a VIP part of your communications strategy to engage employees and drive change at work. Here are 3 ways that internal influencers can help you make a difference and produce results in your organization for happy leaders and employees.

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