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Frank is the CMO and co-founder of Staffbase. He is an intranet and communication expert with more than a decade of experience in helping companies connecting to their employees. He is passionate about internal communication and digital technologies that create an enjoyable place to work.
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10 Ways to Boost Your Safety Culture with an Employee App

The Importance of Safety

Workplace safety is important because it increases the efficiency of ongoing operations, manages risk, optimises control systems, streamlines processes, optimises the employer brand, creates trust and, ultimately, prevents death and injuries.


A recent SmartMarket Report in fact states that a better safety culture decreases reportable injuries by 10%, increases the ability to contract new work by 10% and increases the ability to retain staff by 18%.

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How T-Systems Cuts Through the Noise with an Employee App

Mobile, multimedia and employee-friendly: The internal communications app of T-Systems Multimedia Solutions is less than a year old but has already attracted more than 940 users and is about to break trough the 70% participation rate. The app is a result from the partnership with Staffbase. Susann Wanitschke, who is working in the internal communications department of T-Systems, talks about the project and the experiences made with the app after being in use for nearly one year.

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The Top 10 IT Questions About The Staffbase Employee App

You have seen Staffbase, you really like it and your next internal step is „talking to IT“? Then this article is for you. Here are the most common questions that we get during our initial talks with IT professionals. We love to talk to them, because these conversations usually change from skepticism about “just another app” to real enthusiasm that Staffbase is an enterprise-ready platform, built with professional IT environments in mind.


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Staffbase is shortlisted for German Online Communication Award

The German Award for Online Communications has revealed the shortlist in contention for the 2016 competition, celebrating the finest projects in online communication 2016 - and Staffbase is right there! We entered the contest with a great story provided by our customer T-Systems Multimedia Solutions. T-Systems launched "Heureka!", a campaign about innovation culture and strategy and uses the Staffbase powered myMMS employee app as a new way to reach and engage their employees. A record number of 700 contestants entered the award this year. Congratulations to our customer T-Systems and fingers crossed for the final in June!

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10 Things That Your Employees Should Know About Their Job

Reading the latest company news on a regular basis? For employees, this often constitutes a further burden that needs to be taken care of in addition to many other tasks on the job. No one wants to spend his or her time reading boring messages that are written in such a complicated style that you cannot understand what is being said anyway.

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Talking to All Employees? A Deep Look at Your 8 Best Channels

Reaching out to all employees is an ongoing struggle for internal communications. Not only there is an access barrier, because many workers do not sit on a desk and have no access to corporate email or the company intranet but there is also a timing barrier. Working days are often jam-packed, e.g. for service or field sales workers and there is no time for collecting information or communication purposes. And last, there is also an attention barrier. Competing with online news, Facebook and Instagram many companies fail to reach their employees. Internal messages often still sound like press releases rather than real, relevant news.


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