Insights into the Future of Employee Communication

Lisa Mühsig

Lisa is a Content Writer and Editor at Staffbase. Being convinced that the power of words is universal, she writes about topics that help companies evolve their employee’s work experience: internal communication, the digital workplace and mobile employee engagement.
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Battle-Tested Advice For Successful Change Communication

For modern companies, stable order often means stagnation rather than blazing a path toward a desirable goal. Change, on the other hand, is becoming more and more of an everyday business. But with it comes an ever-growing sense of insecurity, especially for those who aren’t directly involved in the change processes, but feel its effects nonetheless. For them, you as internal communicator can make the difference. You have the position to define how well change is communicated and thus perceived within your company.

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Top 7 Internal Communication Tools That Make You More Effective

As an internal communicator, your working days rarely have enough hours to get through everything on your to-do list. At least that’s the belief of Jenna, an IC professional at an enterprise industrial company. Her department consists of five people, one of whom is only working part time, and it has a budget that’s always on the brink of being cut. Nevertheless, she needs to get things done in order to do her job: Engage every employee, get the company's goals across to everyone, and create a sense of community within her international organization. She achieves those things with the help of a few tools and methods that are designed to make her more effective in her job.

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