Insights into the Future of Employee Communication

Robert Grover

Robert Grover thinks and writes (but mostly thinks) about how technology, social media and networking, and plain old common sense relate to the changing nature of work. He was for many years a trade book editor at Archipelago Books, HarperCollins, and Alfred A. Knopf. He has a BA in English Literature from the University of Massachusetts.

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8 Proven Best Practices for Purposeful Internal Comms

The goal of investing in any communications and engagement technology is obviously to communicate better and increase engagement. But organizations should understand that any platform, no matter how advanced, will only be as meaningful as the content it contains. That’s why the one quality all successful best practices in Internal Comms have in common is that they put real purpose at the heart of every message they share. 


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Staffbase Summit 2018: Creating a Sense of Community and Belonging at Work

It may sound counterintuitive that the maker of a communications app for international companies with remote workforces would be promoting the benefits of face-to-face interaction. But here at Staffbase, we know as well as anyone that there’s no substitute for getting in front of your colleagues, meeting new people, and expanding your networkThat’s why we've invited a diverse group of employee communicators made up of customers, partners, and interested prospects from around the globe to come to Berlin on April 26-27, 2018 for our second annual Staffbase Summit.

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How to Boost Employee Engagement with Awesome Internal Communication

We've talked before about how internal communication is a field that requires constant rethinking. With that thought in mind, we've come up with 18 great new ideas for making improvements in this crucial area. 18 is no small number, so, in the interest of speeding things up (see point #11), let's get down to business. 

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Available for Your Employee App: New Interactive Content from Contilla, Including a 2018 World Cup Challenge

Since 2009, Staffbase’s new partner Contilla has been providing interactive content-marketing tools that optimize onboarding and training and enhance the employee experience. We’re pleased to announce that six embeddable components are now available for the Staffbase app, all of which are sure to increase the user rate and the amount of time your employees spend in their app. This interactive content can be integrated in as little as two minutes—in-depth IT knowledge is not required!

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Staffbase Analysis Forecasts a 100% Increase in Employee Experience Professionals in 2018

The employee experience movement is growing at an annual global rate of nearly 100%. That’s the budding conclusion of Staffbase following the second of three planned calculations of the number of professionals adopting new leadership and organizational practices to create more positive workplace experiences for their employees.

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