Internal Communications Is Important In Healthcare Organizations

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When healthcare companies invest in internal communications to increase safety, improve operations, and engage staff, the results are often happier providers and patients. At Staffbase, we frequently receive a “SOS” from healthcare companies looking for an internal communications solution to confront challenges such as employee turnover or change management. Many are on a quest to revitalize the employee experience and improve current procedures with the hope of making their workplace one where employees want to be. As a lifesaver, we put together some best practices from healthcare companies that are communicating well with workers to proactively address safety issues, efficiently manage operations, and amplify staff engagement, three fields that are essential to success in the healthcare industry and beyond.


Two of our healthcare customers, Franciscan Children's in Boston and Iredell Health System in North Carolina, implemented employee experience platforms at their organizations and achieved positive results almost immediately. In fact, Iredell Health System valued their new internal platform so much that they got rid of their existing intranet solution.


“Our former intranet was old, outdated, and not user friendly,” said Meagan Kowalski, Director of Planning, Community Relations & Marketing at Iredell Health  System. “Employees used it only when they absolutely had to, and when they did, they found it cumbersome and difficult to navigate. Our old intranet could also only be accessed from health system property, and that was problematic for  employees in the field who needed access to it. We needed a solution that would be accessible from anywhere, be easy to use, and be functional.”


Staffbase is proud to work with organizations like these that put people first. By making internal communications a priority, we are confident that they will continue to create positive outcomes and foster a culture of collaboration with employees. 


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Written by Carla Kath

Carla Corban Kath is the Director of Customer Success Strategy at Staffbase. She is a purveyor of career adventures who has experienced internal communications from the inside out during her tenure in marketing (primarily) for healthcare organizations. She believes that carefully crafted content—much like cupcakes—can provide sweet experiences for both employees and customers. Raised in the South and surviving in the Northeast, she relies on a prudent "bless your heart" every day.