Non-Desk, Frontline, Offline Employees - Internal Communications for All (Infographic)

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“There is only one way… to get anybody to do anything. And that is by making the other person want to do it” ~ Dale Carnegie



What is the purpose for doing this? How do we contribute to the company and its future success? Employees will only contribute all their talents and skills as long as the companies' purposes and actions make sense to them. Providing sense is, therefore, one of the central tasks for modern employee management. The specific challenge is the very nature of large organisations: Both, the question of 'why' we have done so and its answer are often far apart in terms of place, time and hierarchy.


Digital Internal Communications Through Intranets


Since modern communication technologies like e-mails and especially intranets have arisen, it has been a special concern to digitally support internal communications in order to better bridge the divide between place, time and hierarchy. That is one reason why large companies can no longer be contemplated without modern and interactive intranets. Unfortunately, the further internal communications platforms have developed, the larger the gap that has already been existing from the beginning of the digital revolution in companies has become: more than half of all employees do not have access to the internal digital tools. Many factors are contributing to the current difficulty of this "digital communication gap".


Why the "Digital Communication Gap" Hurts so Much


  1. Digital interaction formats like blogs or live chats enabling communication with the management bring along a digital closeness as never before. Employees, who are only receiving a printed newsletter every three months, can merely dream about conditions like that.
  2. Nowadays nearly all employees own a smartphone and are always part of the network. Claiming that employees should receive important company related news first from internal sources is nearly impossible without an internal up-to-date channel.
  3. Many offline employees work directly with the customer and influence the public perception of the brand significantly. 89 % of all companies are certain to compete primarily on the basis of customer experience. Customer experience becomes the decisive, with committed employees as the key lever.
  4. High-potential employees are not only sitting at the desk - we all know service situations, where individual employees have offset an elsewhere mediocre product or service by means of competence and charm. Involving, motivating and retaining these employees better will bring clear advantages in the competition.


It is Time to Turn on the Light


Thus far, non-desk employees have been abandoned from the company communications and still are neglected when new intranets are planned. A growing number of companies realize that it is about time to drive forth up-to-date, interactive and digital internal communications for all employees and close the "The Digital Communication Gap For Non-Desk Employees".


Internal Communications for Non-Desk, Frontline and Offline Employees



Written by Frank Wolf

Frank is the CMO and co-founder of Staffbase. He is an intranet and communication expert with more than a decade of experience in helping companies connecting to their employees. He is passionate about internal communication and digital technologies that create an enjoyable place to work.