Insights into the Future of Employee Communication

Spaces: Managing Content for Multiple Locations

Staffbase is proud to introduce Spaces, a new feature in our employee app that lets companies delegate content management to different sites, locations, and departments. Spaces connects employees or groups of people with targeted information that is specific to their location, project, or use case, while simultaneously connecting them with company-wide content. 

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6 Rules for Taking Your Intranet Mobile

Every enterprise company has an intranet. But as the digital workplace evolves, traditional intranet software is often seen as a means for enhancing internal communications and employee engagement. This can be a mistake, as many available options fail to fulfill expectations. Here are six ways to make sure your employee intranet can fulfill the essential requirements of today's mobile employees.

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Topics Your Employees Are Really Interested In

This is a guest post from Marten Misch, editor at Pretzlaw Communications in Berlin. For year the agency delivers exciting and useful content for big companies. As new partner of Staffbase Pretzlaw Communications improves your intranet content, too.


The desire for social networking and opportunities for dialogue indicates: Employees are looking for emotional content in company apps. How to make your intranet indispensable through compelling content?


Fast, user-friendly and easily accessible: The conditions for effective company communication could not be any better than in a (mobile) intranet. But what content keeps your internal “newspaper” interesting for your employees? This blog introduces various content for this purpose. A well-wrought mixture of information, communication and motivation is crucial for the appeal of the intranet.

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