Insights into the Future of Employee Communication

Internal Communications and HR: 4 Killer Ideas for Working Together Even More Effectively

Let’s start with the why, as Simon Sinek might say. Why should Internal Communications and HR try to work together in the first place? Well, for starters, Internal Communications wants to communicate with every employee, and HR has access to a great deal of their vital information. That’s a pretty significant link, but we think there’s still way more to it.

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7 Reasons Why Internal Communications Is More Important Than Ever

Workforce demographics are changing. Each successive generation from Gen X onward has been more and more discerning about the ways their employers talk and listen to them. They have less time for office politics and they demand increased collaboration, transparency, and feedback. They're working differently, and they require tools that can set them up for success in this new environment, where internal communication plays a greater role than ever before in aligning people behind common goals.


Here are seven reasons why internal communications is a key business function and is more important than ever before.

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