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Take your employee communications to the next level with your own employee app.

10 Communication Challenges and How to Master Them with Your Own Branded Employee App

We are constantly communicating: 90% of today's Americans own a cell phone and 80% use a smartphone. This is true whether we're at home or at work. In particular, communication within businesses and between different branches has changed rapidly in recent years and has become increasingly important to a company's success. Clear communication is of course only possible when there is an effective flow of information and an ongoing exchange between departments and up and  down a company's hierarchy. The inability to see the dangers of not acheiving this outcome looms like an iceberg threatening to sink everyone's corporate Titanic.


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10 Security Questions To Answer For Your Internal Communications App

In 2016 there are 3.26 billion internet users, that's over 40% of the world population.
In addition, 96% of working Americans use new communication technologies as part of their daily life, while 62% of working Americans use the internet as an integral part of their jobs.

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An Internal Communications App for One of the World’s Leading Heating and Solar Manufacturers

Viessmann Group has developed and introduced an employee app in just a few weeks. The Head of Corporate Communications, Albrecht von Truchseß, and Knowledge Manager Carsten Lucaßen, talk about the background behind Vi2go, reaching employees without computer access, start-up thoughts and the cultural shift the Hesse-based manufacturer of heating, industrial and cooling systems has gone through.

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Getting employees on board in the digital age

No company is safe in the digital age. Even companies that do not make their money directly on the Internet or from Internet technologies are increasingly facing new challenges. As such, a change at the level of the entire company is required. Minor changes in individual departments or so-called think tanks alone are simply not enough. How the business world is currently operating is fundamentally being called into question, which hence leads to significant structural changes within more and more organisations.

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