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4 Reasons Why an Employee Engagement App Isn't (like Snapchat) Built to Last

Employee engagement apps—increasingly popular among organizations looking for mobile-first ways to stimulate workplace commitment—often fail to live up to their full potential. Much like a Snap, any engagement that they do manage to create tends to be ephemeral. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here's why.

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Digital Transformation for Non-Desk Workers — A Major Challenge for CIOs and CDOs

Digital Transformation has its greatest potential impact as it relates to the core business process of organizations, which is the creation of goods and services for consumers. In most companies this process involves employees who are not connected to a desk: production workers, retail personnel/frontliners, call-center agents, bus drivers, nurses, service staff, etc.

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Mobile Intranet CMS - a Look into Key Requirements

For years, web content management systems or in short CMS have been the basis for the Internet. They are supposed to facilitate the creation, maintenance and publication of digital content yourself without having huge technical knowhow or programming experience. During the many years of existence, CMS systems have been specialised further. One of the most important distinction is between CMS systems for websites and for intranets. We have already discussed that it is not recommendable to use the same CMS for both the Internet and intranet due to recent requirements (link).


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