Insights into the Future of Employee Communication

3 Ways to Unleash Your Internal Influencers to Produce Results

Internal influencers are a VIP part of your communications strategy to engage employees and drive change at work. Here are 3 ways that internal influencers can help you make a difference and produce results in your organization for happy leaders and employees.

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Let Video Star in Your Internal Communications Strategy

Today, people have portable video studios in their pockets. You just don’t have to be Steven Spielberg to be good at using video to tell a story anymore. If you've posted a video to YouTube, you know that producing, consuming, and distributing moving images is simple and easy. Why should it be any different in the workplace? In 2018, it's critical to ensure that you have an IC channel capable of sharing video to strengthen employee connections and bring internal messages to life.

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3 Easy Ways to Use Gamification in Your Employee Onboarding Process

Thirty one percent of employees have quit a company within the first six months. Of these, a significantly large chunk of employees cited the lack of fun at work and training as the reason they moved out. Gamification as an onboarding strategy exists to serve two main objectives: to make training fun, and to accelerate the pace of learning. So how effective is it at organizations? And how can corporate trainers make sure that their gamification strategy is a success? Let us find out.


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