How an Employee App Is Leading One Company into Its Second Century: A Staffbase Webinar with Viessmann’s Carsten Lucaßen

“We can no longer do without the app. It’s become the main hub for all internal communications, far surpassing our intranet use.”

—Carsten Lucaßen, Head of Digital Communications Projects, Viessmann

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The Anatomy of an Employee Experience—Refining Today's Workplace

The workplace is changing: In the industrial era, the focus was on laborers and what they were able to produce with their hands. In the information age, knowledge became the new product and it had a prime influence on the economy. But we have now entered the cognitive era and another change is taking place. The lines between employees and technology are blurring, and instead of focusing solely on customer satisfaction, the employee experience (EX) is shifting into focus.

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10 Ways HR Can Use an Employee App at Every Stage of the Employee Life Cycle

Mobile communication and new technologies are a huge part of the digital transformation at work. Employee apps in particular have been shown to increase engagement, enhance transparency, and help to improve the employer brand. But apps can be used for more than internal communication, they can also be tailored to handle many HR services. Here are ten ways how.

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