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Talking to All Employees? A Deep Look at Your 8 Best Channels

Making relevant information available to each and every employee is an ongoing struggle for internal communications, especially these days when so many workers don't sit at a desk and have limited access to corporate email or the company intranet. Not only is there an access barrier to contend with, but there's also the matter of time. Workdays are often jam-packed, especially for service or field-sales workers, and there's usually little time remaining for collecting information, let alone for the purpose of communication. Lastly, there's an attention barrier. Competing with online news, Facebook, Instagram, etc., many companies fail to adequately reach their employees, especially when so many internal messages sound more like press releases than real, relevant news.


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Digital Internal Communication – a Great Way to Enable Transformational Leadership to all Employees

Internal communication is an instrument of strategy and helps leaders share their vision and values with employees. Successful communicators create a sense of trust and community with their people and engage them to move the business forward. The direct communication efforts of leaders and mangers have always been at the core of successful internal communication. While managers need the right skills to fill their role as an indispensable part of the internal communication chain, it is clear that not every manager is also a leader. New, highly effective leadership styles like transformational leadership depend on proactive individuals with charisma and vision. Digital internal communication channels like management blogs, video messages, live chats or employee apps combine many advantages like being fast, personal, authentic and interactive. This powerful channel is able to multiply the reach and influence of transformational leaders within every organization.


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2015 + smartphones = paving the way for employee communication

For the past 5 years, Deloitte's corporate consultants have been conducting a worldwide consumer survey on mobile communication. The 2015 edition of the Global Mobile Consumer Survey was fielded in 31 countries and includes 49,500 consumers. The survey conducted in Great Britain included 4,000 consumers between the ages of 18 and 75. The results are not only interesting from the customers point of view, but also give strong signals for the growing use of smartphones and employee apps within companies. The most important results are:


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6 reasons to have an online version of your employee newsletter

Printed employee newsletters or corporate newspapers are still a widely-used internal communication tool.  Though they are criticized because for their lack of currency, their greatest strength is that point exactly: not having the constraint to cover day-to-day operational news and information. They have the freedom to look behind the scenes and show the people behind the business.

While the purpose of an employee newsletter is still 100% valid, their delivery via printed copies isn’t. Here are our 6 top reasons why it makes sense to switch to a digital version:


1. A digital version can be interactive with comments, likes or the special placement of popular content. This results in a lively experience for the reader and provides highly relevant feedback to editors on the topics in demand.


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