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Internal Communications and HR: 4 Killer Ideas for Working Together Even More Effectively

Let’s start with the why, as Simon Sinek might say. Why should Internal Communications and HR try to work together in the first place? Well, for starters, Internal Communications wants to communicate with every employee, and HR has access to a great deal of their vital information. That’s a pretty significant link, but we think there’s still way more to it.

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Staffbase Analysis Forecasts a 100% Increase in Employee Experience Professionals in 2018

The employee experience movement is growing at an annual global rate of nearly 100%. That’s the budding conclusion of Staffbase following the second of three planned calculations of the number of professionals adopting new leadership and organizational practices to create more positive workplace experiences for their employees.

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How HR Can Use an Employee App for Every Step in the Employee Lifecycle

With the US unemployment rate down to 4.1 percent, the war for talent is on. Companies today need to create a different kind of work experience for their top brand ambassadors—their employees—and focusing on your employer brand in order to improve your customer brand is now recognized as a best practice in most B2C industries.

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Digital Transformation for Non-Desk Workers — A Major Challenge for CIOs and CDOs

Digital Transformation has its greatest potential impact as it relates to the core business process of organizations, which is the creation of goods and services for consumers. In most companies this process involves employees who are not connected to a desk: production workers, retail personnel/frontliners, call-center agents, bus drivers, nurses, service staff, etc.

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11 Ideas How to Rethink Internal Communications—and Boost Your Employee Engagement

Communication is often about change. As a consequence, internal communication is a field that requires constant rethinking.


With millennials moving into management positions and Generation Z entering the game, it's increasingly important to remain in control of the messages you send, keep brand promises, empower middle management, and enhance transparency.

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10 Communication Challenges and How to Master Them with Your Own Branded Employee App

We are constantly communicating: 90% of today's Americans own a cell phone and 80% use a smartphone. This is true whether we're at home or at work. In particular, communication within businesses and between different branches has changed rapidly in recent years and has become increasingly important to a company's success. Clear communication is of course only possible when there is an effective flow of information and an ongoing exchange between departments and up and  down a company's hierarchy. The inability to see the dangers of not acheiving this outcome looms like an iceberg threatening to sink everyone's corporate Titanic.


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