How HR Can Use an Employee App for Every Step in the Employee Lifecycle

With the US unemployment rate down to 4.6% the war for talent is on. Companies today need to create a different kind of work experience for their top brand ambassador: their employees.

Putting your employees first and customers second, as well as focusing on the employer brand to improve the customer brand, is no longer uncommon and will soon be best practice in all industries.


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Digital Transformation for Non-Desk Workers — A Major Challenge for CIOs and CDOs

Digital Transformation has its biggest potential and impact in the core business process of an organization, which is creating services and goods for the customer. In most companies this process involves employees who are not connected to a desk: production workers, retail personnel / frontliners, call center agents, bus drivers, nurses, service staff.

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11 Ideas How to Rethink Internal Communication in 2017 – and Boost Your Employee Engagement

Communication is always about change. As a consequence, internal communication is a field that has to be rethought again and again.


In 2017 with Millennials moving on to management positions and Gen Z coming into the game, it is becoming more important to remain in control of the messages that are sent, to keep the brand promise, empower the middle management and enhance transparency.

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10 Communication Challenges and How to Tackle Them with Your Own Branded Employee App


Because today 90% of all U.S. Americans have a cell phone and 80% a smartphone we are constantly communicating. Especially communication within a business and between different locations has changed rapidly within the last years and has become more and more important. And while only with an effective flow of information and an ongoing exchange between departments as well as within the company's hierarchy the best possible results can be achieved, internal communication seems to be the new iceberg to everybodies Titanic.

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10 Security Questions To Answer For Your Internal Communications App

In 2016 there are 3.26 billion internet users, that's over 40% of the world population.
In addition, 96% of working Americans use new communication technologies as part of their daily life, while 62% of working Americans use the internet as an integral part of their jobs.

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An Internal Communications App for One of the World’s Leading Heating and Solar Manufacturers

Viessmann Group has developed and introduced an employee app in just a few weeks. The Head of Corporate Communications, Albrecht von Truchseß, and Knowledge Manager Carsten Lucaßen, talk about the background behind Vi2go, reaching employees without computer access, start-up thoughts and the cultural shift the Hesse-based manufacturer of heating, industrial and cooling systems has gone through.

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