Insights into the Future of Employee Communication

The Communication Cons of a SharePoint Intranet

On the market in ever-evolving incarnations for nearly twenty years, Microsoft SharePoint has become one of the world’s most popular intranet platforms. But even alongside a slew of Office 365 applications, is it the best option for today’s mobile-first, employee-centric digital workplace, where the importance of company-wide communication and culture-building has been on the rise? 


We don't think so.


Why not? Read on. . . . 

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[Slides] How an Employee App Fits Best With your Intranet and Digital Workplace Strategy


With so many companies thinking about a mobile channel for their employee communication, a great deal of interest has arisen around how an employee app can fit with an organization’s intranet and digital workplace strategy. In fact, along with a few other issues, including how to onboard users; the state of security; and what to do with an employee app, the question of how an employee app can fit into an organization’s existing intranet and be integrated into its other channels for internal communication is one of the chief issues in communication departments around the world.


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How T-Systems Cuts Through the Noise with an Employee App

Mobile, multimedia and employee-friendly: The internal communications app of T-Systems Multimedia Solutions is less than a year old but has already attracted more than 940 users and is about to break trough the 70% participation rate. The app is a result from the partnership with Staffbase. Susann Wanitschke, who is working in the internal communications department of T-Systems, talks about the project and the experiences made with the app after being in use for nearly one year.

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Mobile Intranet CMS - Communication and News Management

This is the second part on our article series about the key requirements for a modern mobile intranet CMS. The first part on mobile intranet CMS tools laid the basics on the connection between intranet strategy or (more commonly used) digital workplace strategy and the resulting demand profile for an intranet CMS tool.


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