Insights into the Future of Employee Communication

The Communication Cons of a SharePoint Intranet

On the market in ever-evolving incarnations for nearly twenty years, Microsoft SharePoint has become one of the world’s most popular intranet platforms. But even alongside a slew of Office 365 applications, is it the best option for today’s mobile-first, employee-centric digital workplace, where the importance of company-wide communication and culture-building has been on the rise? 


We don't think so.


Why not? Read on. . . . 

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Make Your (Mobile) Intranet Worth Reading!

This is a guest post from Marten Misch, editor at Pretzlaw Communications in Berlin. For year the agency delivers exciting and useful content for big companies. As new partner of Staffbase Pretzlaw Communications improves your intranet content, too.


The desire for social networking and opportunities for dialogue indicates: Employees are looking for emotional content in company apps. How to make your intranet indispensable through compelling content?


The authors of the NetFed study on intranet usage noticed that there is a lack of trained staff and both short- and long-term plans in intranet editing. This is particularly serious given the fact that relevant and well-edited content is not only intended for entertainment purposes, but also to help reach the core goals of the intranet: facilitate work, encourage the acquisition and exchange of knowledge and depict the identity of the company.


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Mobile Intranet CMS - Communication and News Management

This is the second part on our article series about the key requirements for a modern mobile intranet CMS. The first part on mobile intranet CMS tools laid the basics on the connection between intranet strategy or (more commonly used) digital workplace strategy and the resulting demand profile for an intranet CMS tool.


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Mobile Intranet CMS—A Look at the Key Requirements

For years, web content management systems (or CMS for short) have been the basis for the Internet. They are meant to facilitate the creation, maintenance, and publication of digital content without needing to have great technical know-how or programming experience. During their many years of existence, CMS systems have been specialized further. One of the most important distinctions is between the CMS systems for websites and for intranets. We have previously discussed why it isn't recommended to use the same CMS for both the Internet and intranet.


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An app for employees - how to ace the 8 most common questions

Making an intranet or parts of it available on mobiles involves much more than just making it "responsive". "Mobile" enables communicators to reach new non-desk audiences, but also creates previously unknown technical and practical challenges as a consequence. Many customer projects with the  Eyo EmployeeApp helped us, to gather real-life insights about the questions raised and possible solutions for each case. Here are the 8 most common questions:


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