Insights into the Future of Employee Communication

Employee Onboarding — The Complete Guide

The first days and weeks at a new job are critical. Not only is this the time when a new employee can begin to know for sure whether or not he or she has made the right decision, but it's equally important for an employer because only once the real work begins can they truly witness the attitude a new recruit brings to the job.


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4 Exclusive Hacks for Employee Onboarding – And Your Template for the First Week

Company culture has been a buzzword for quite some time now. It’s not all about office happy hours or weekend volleyball games - it’s also about the values your company represents. And you can ensure employees represent company values by starting with the onboarding process.

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3 Proven Strategies to Make Launching Your Employee App F.U.N.

An employee app can be a great solution for an entire host of issues: from taking your intranet mobile to creating engagement to reaching your non-desk workforce with news and information. But such initiatives are bound to fail or be less than effective unless they first take employee needs into consideration. It goes without saying that for your employee app to be a success, people first have to use it. And while the goal of an app is to create engagement, the irony is that, at least at first, it’s possible that only your most engaged employees will actually download it. To help avoid this outcome, we’ve examined some of the strategies used by our customers when launching an employee app, and we’ve found that the most successful efforts share one thing in common: they’re all F.U.N. 

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