Insights into the Future of Employee Communication

Internal Communications Is Important In Healthcare Organizations

When healthcare companies invest in internal communications to increase safety, improve operations, and engage staff, the results are often happier providers and patients. At Staffbase, we frequently receive a “SOS” from healthcare companies looking for an internal communications solution to confront challenges such as employee turnover or change management. Many are on a quest to revitalize the employee experience and improve current procedures with the hope of making their workplace one where employees want to be. As a lifesaver, we put together some best practices from healthcare companies that are communicating well with workers to proactively address safety issues, efficiently manage operations, and amplify staff engagement, three fields that are essential to success in the healthcare industry and beyond.


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10 Ways to Boost Your Safety Culture with an Employee App

The Importance of Safety

Workplace safety is of vital importance: it increases the efficiency of ongoing operations, manages risk, optimizes control systems, streamlines processes, enhances the employer brand, creates trust, and ultimately helps to prevent injuries and accidental deaths.


In fact, a recent SmartMarket Report states that an improved safety culture decreases reportable injuries by 10%, increases the ability to contract new work by 10%, and increases the ability to retain staff by 18%.

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