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Take your employee communications to the next level with your own employee app.

Connecting Non-Desk Workers in Health Care: The Franciscan Children’s Hospital Employee App



Health care is a stressful vocation; employees must make instant decisions in emergencies and work around the clock to provide patient care. External factors add to the pressure, as hospitals fight to retain good employees when other organizations are recruiting and staffers have a high rate of burnout. 


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7 Questions to Answer when Creating an Internal App

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Not long ago a downpour hit St. Petersburg Beach, Florida, flooding the front driveway just as employees were arriving at TradeWinds Island Resorts.


“When things like that pop up, then you need to communicate with employees quickly,” says Don Wooldridge, vice president of culture development and training at the tourist destination. “So I was able to jump on the app and in seconds send out an alert to everybody.”

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Talking to All Employees? A Deep Look at Your 8 Best Channels

Making relevant information available to each and every employee is an ongoing struggle for internal communications, especially these days when so many workers don't sit at a desk and have limited access to corporate email or the company intranet. Not only is there an access barrier to contend with, but there's also the matter of time. Workdays are often jam-packed, especially for service or field-sales workers, and there's usually little time remaining for collecting information, let alone the purpose of communication. Lastly, there's an attention barrier. Competing with online news, Facebook, Instagram, etc., many companies fail to adequately reach their employees, especially when so many internal messages sound more like press releases than real, relevant news.


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