The 5 Most Important Business Values of an Employee App

Discover the return on investment of an employee app for your business in our 20 minute on-demand webinar.

Staffbase Return on Investment Webinar

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Here Are the Facts

We’ve done the research and 74% of U.S. employees feel they are missing out on company news and information.

Old-school internal communications content like company newsletters and magazines continue to dominate the budgets of communicators, despite being costly, low-engagement expenditures with limited return on investment (ROI). These efforts to engage employees need to be measured and justified like any other investment to avoid risking such an unengaged workforce.

In this webinar, we’re going to teach you about the employee app—a robust new tool with the potential to maximize the ROI your internal comms.

In just 20 minutes you’ll learn how to:

  • Increase reach by 800% with thoughtful, relevant push notifications
  • Grow business profits and employee productivity over 20%
  • Decrease the amount of time employees spend simply gathering information necessary to do their jobs (20% of the day by our estimate)
About the Presenters

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Lara Dobson
Product Marketing Manager at Staffbase 

Lara's in-depth research project on internal communications and the business outcomes that come from it has been highlighted in known publications such as the Harvard Business Review.



Jason Etter
Director of US Marketing at Staffbase

Jason has served as an expert in operational leadership, marketing, sales, and business development for over ten years. He is obsessed with delivering a personal and delightful customer experience and brings along his infectious energy wherever he goes.