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A mobile Employee App for better communication and beyond.

Build a better employee experience with a modern, engaging communications platform.

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Start reaching, engaging, and inspiring your entire workforce now.

  • Staffbase Employee App mobile screen with newsfeed. On the side translation function ad Like and reply button, next screen shwos a post from an employee with image gallery from his vacation.

    The employee app for the modern employee

    Modern communication is personalized and interactive. Shouldn’t the way you talk to your employees be the same? Make the news more relevant and let employee voices be heard with targeted content, social features, and auto-translation.

  • Staffbas Employee App Download Screen App Store, Push Notification and Newsfeed with articles

    Don’t compromise on reach - mobile first or bust!

    A desktop intranet won’t cut it for reaching your non-desk workforce. Made for mobile, your employee app comes with custom branding inside and out. Your employees download the app directly in the app stores. It looks and feels just like the other apps they use every day.

  • The numbers you need to prove success

    The numbers you need to prove success

    See what content clicks with employees and measure results in one sleek dashboard. Make sure content has been received by everyone, measure engagement, and sort out what’s important and what’s not.

The employee app is a huge timesaver. Having solutions readily available in the app helps us to solve our customers’ problems faster. When you think about the time that’s being saved per technician, per incident, it amounts to huge savings."

Moustapha Benhaddou - Performance Improvement Manager, Installation & Maintenance