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Place your employees at the heart of the conversation with Staffbase’s mobile-first solutions.

Staffbase provides employee apps and intranets that help you build a best-in-class employee experience.

Ready to upgrade your internal communications?

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The world has changed. Internal comms has, too.

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    Modern communication, it’s got to be mobile!

    If you want to reach anyone, your best bet is through their mobile phone. All Staffbase solutions come with a best-in-class mobile app that stands out with your own custom branding. Your employees expect personal, relevant communication — there’s no better way to give it to them.

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    The right content for the right user

    Your intranet doesn’t have to be a dumping ground for everything and nothing. Staffbase solutions set a new standard for personalized content, so your employees easily find what’s relevant to them, in the moments that matter.

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    Leading enterprises work with Staffbase and benefit from real business results.

    It’s time to bridge the gap. Today’s communication is digital and “digital” means mobile-first. Invest in a platform that prioritizes your people and purpose. Revitalize company culture with communication that hits home. Brand your employee experience. Boost engagement by enabling bottom-up communication. Make a tangible difference with your employee communications platform.

“The Staffbase Employee App is a top-tier employee mobile app that works equally well for desk-based employees. It has strong communication and content management features that could make it a viable intranet solution for some organisations, particularly where mobile-first is a priority.”

ClearBox Consulting

“What we love about Staffbase is that it’s truly an enterprise-ready platform: robust, continually innovating and improving, and, most importantly, secure, flexible, and scalable.”
Galine Alte - Social Business Consultant
“We had our own dedicated contact person at Staffbase from the beginning who helped us with our complete project plan down to the last detail, including the breakdown of individual tasks.”
Dr. Tobias Nickel - Head of Marketing and Communications at the Dräxlmaier Group
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“Staffbase goes well beyond the communication platform and brings together the resources we need to put in front of our employees—from Communications to HR and Finance.”
Tiffany Elle - Versum Materials