Engaging the Digital Workforce Issue 3

Work Is Changing—Are You Ready?


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Staffbase is the leading mobile employee relationship platform for large or decentralized organizations. More than "just an app," we provide a versatile access point to the digital workplace. Every one of our customers has a unique story to tell, and we've shared some of their insights here in the hope that they will inspire your company on the road to creating truly agile employee communication.



… and Learn More About

  • RHI Magnesita—Managing Change with an Employee App
  • Sampson and SAK Construction—Constructive Communication Starts with an Employee App

  • Brink’s—Internal Communication Knows No Bounds with a Mobile Employee App

  • Healthcare—SOS! Now is the Time for an Internal Communications Checkup

  • US AutoLogistics—Driving Change with an Employee App at US AutoLogistics


Digitalization Meets Tradition

Five innovative companies show that digitalization can generate tremendous benefits for companies and their employees.

Learn more about:

  • The 10 stages for introducing an employee app
  • Crisis management with an app
  • Creating transparency and reach through mobile communication


No Desk? No Problem.

In the second issue of the Staffbase magazine, read how companies such as BVG and Reinert Logistics are using an app to integrate their non-desk employees into the digital workplace.

Learn more about:

  • Closing the gap between desk and non-desk workers
  • Digital recognition for decentralized employees
  • Improving communication for the health sector


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