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Lead, Integrate, Communicate: Comms Leaders Guide to Intranet Excellence

Embrace the spirit of innovation and immerse yourself in a thought-provoking exploration of ways to revolutionize your current intranet platform.

Discover insights on encouraging seamless integration with Microsoft, unlocking the synergy between HR and IC through intranet collaboration, and dive into the latest trends shaping the intranet landscape in the coming year.

Elevate your game, elevate your intranet—watch the webinar and step into the new year with a fortified communications plan!
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Lead, Integrate, Communicate: Comms Leaders Guide to Intranet Excellence
Discover the essential tools for employee success and explore the transformative potential of a modern intranet. Learn how to lead your team towards embracing a new era of connectivity and collaboration, gaining valuable skills for a more engaged and empowered workforce.
Our Speaker Line up:
Kelly Designs  (3)-3
Frank Wolf
StaffbaseCo-Founder & Chief Strategic Officer
Kelly Designs  (3) copy 4-1
Lindsey Sullivan
StaffbaseSenior Product Marketing Manager
Kelly Designs  (1)
Jeff Corbin
StaffbasePrincipal Strategic Advisor
Kelly Designs  (1) copy 3
Sebastian Hoff
StaffbasePrincipal Strategic Advisor
Kelly Designs  (1) copy 4
Lottie Bazley
StaffbaseAdvanced Communication Consultant & Strategic Advisory
Kelly Designs  (3) copy-2
Lara Widera
StaffbaseSenior Communication Consultant
Kelly Designs  (3) copy 5
Norbert Schäfer
We-ExperienceStrategic Communications and People Experience Consultant
Kelly Designs  (3) copy 6
Sarah Sampson
GE Vernova Employee Communications Manager
Kelly Designs  (2) copy 9
Mary Bruder
StaffbaseLarge Enterprise Account Executive
The Agenda:
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Top Intranet Trends for the New Year:
Staffbase Co-Founder, Frank Wolf, and Lindsey Sullivan, Senior Product Marketing Manager, provide exclusive insights into the upcoming year's intranet landscape. Don't miss this keynote offering a sneak peek into what lies ahead in the dynamic landscape of intranet technology.
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Leading the Shift: 3 Success Factors for Intranet Integration
Discover how effortless it is to implement a Front Door Intranet and learn strategies to engage and onboard your employees seamlessly. Our speakers provide you with actionable insights to achieve a thriving front-door intranet that motivates employee buy-in and maximizes impact.
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How Internal Communication and HR Maximize the Employee Experience:
In this session, you’ll learn practical strategies for maximizing impact in the digital workplace. Norbert Schaffer, Founder of We-Experience and former DHL Change Communications leader, and Lara Widera, Senior Communications Consultant, at Staffbase reveal how aligning internal communication and HR practices can powerfully shape employee satisfaction.
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From Reach to Engagement - How to Measure the Success of Your Communications Platforms?
In this session, Lottie Bazely, Internal Communications Strategic Advisor, and Lara Widera, Senior Communication Consultant, showcase the instrumental role intranet metrics can have on your communication strategy. Learn how these metrics can empower you to make informed decisions that elevate engagement and drive success.
On Demand
Live Check: Staffbase Innovations for 2024
At Staffbase we are constantly working to identify trends, drive innovations, and further develop our products to elevate your employee engagement. In this session, we will introduce you to some of the new features and developments we have in store for 2024!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What will I get out of this event?
You'll gain a comprehensive understanding of the modern intranet landscape and its transformative impact on employee engagement. Discover practical tools and strategies to lead your team toward successful adoption.
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Yes! Click here to request a demo!
Are there any additional resources available?
Check out our Big Book of Intranets to discover how organizations use their platform. here!

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