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Intranet Bootcamp 💪

Give your intranet a boost. We curated six in-depth sessions on what a modern intranet needs to do in 2023. You can watch all six sessions from our virtual bootcamp and leave without any sore muscles!
Staffbase Intranet Bootcamp North America

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Intranet Bootcamp
Intranet Bootcamp
Watch us kick off the spring season with an Intranet Bootcamp. 💪 In the playlist, you'll find six 35-minute sessions that give you an overview of the latest intranet best practices and how you can get the most out of your existing intranet!
Our Speaker Lineup
Kelly Designs  (1)
Jeff Corbin
StaffbasePrincipal Strategic Advisor
Kelly Designs  (1) copy 5
Lara Dobson
StaffbaseGlobal Director of Market Strategy
Kelly Designs  (1) copy
Frank Wolf
StaffbasePresident and CSO at Staffbase
Kelly Designs  (1) copy 3
Sebastian Hoff
StaffbasePrincipal Strategic Advisor
Kelly Designs  (1) copy 4
Lottie Bazley
StaffbaseAdvanced Communication Consultant & Strategic Advisory
Kelly Designs  (1)-3
Peter Mallozzi
StaffbasePrincipal Value Consultant
Kelly Designs  (1)-4
Jillian Ruggieri
True PlatformDirector of Internal Communication
Kelly Designs  (1)-Mar-20-2023-09-04-36-2994-PM
Michael Stineman
ModusEVP Client Strategy
Kelly Designs  (1)-Mar-28-2023-12-58-47-6764-AM
David Pitre
Davis & CompanyCEO
Kelly Designs  (1)-Mar-28-2023-01-16-45-6504-AM
Tracey Kapshey
StaffbaseTeam Lead, Customer Success, Large Enterprise
Our Sessions Include
2023 Intranet Trends
Does your current intranet meet the needs of a 21st-century employee? Frank and Lara talk about current trends when using a modern intranet and the benefits it has on your workforce!
Front Door Intranet + Microsoft 365: Dream Duo or Tools at Odds?
Intranets still consistently top the list of company communications channels, only topped by face-to-face meetings. Despite their popularity, however, they remain notoriously contested, especially when it comes to their existence with, next to, or in spite of Microsoft SharePoint and Teams. In this session, Sebastian and Peter unpack 2023’s biggest intranet trends for independent intranets and Microsoft solutions, and explore the question, “What’s the intranet of 2023 and what does it mean for Microsoft 365?”
KPIs & Everything In Between: Measuring the Success of Your Intranet
More and more today, communicators are being held accountable for measuring the success of their intranet. For some, it’s new territory completely and for others, it’s about digging deeper. Learn from Lottie and David as they discuss measurement best practices and things you can do to improve your metrics before they reach a dashboard.
A Modern Intranet Migration “How To”
The time has come to switch over to a newer, more modern intranet but there’s one big question standing in the way: What to do with all the old stuff? We know the feeling. In this session, industry-leading consultants shared their views and best practices not only on how to get the job done but also on how to use the opportunity to bring focus and purpose to your new system.
Make It or Break It Success Factors
According to a recent intranet study, 50% of all communicators are dissatisfied with their intranet. But why? In this session, Jeff and Lottie take us through today’s top intranet challenges and what we can learn from them. They laid out the essential success factors for implementing a new intranet and improving on one that’s already there.
Fireside Chat with True Platform
Watch this Fireside Chat with Jeff and Jillian as they discuss how a modern intranet can be implemented with Staffbase!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who should watch the Intranet Bootcamp video playlist?
Everyone who is interested in the topic of intranets and would like to learn about modern intranet trends. It doesn't matter whether your company is just starting out or whether you already have an existing intranet solution.
Can I set up an intranet demo with Staffbase?
Yes! Click here to request a demo!
How can I continue the conversation?
You can continue the conversation at our in-person event, VOICES in NYC on April 26th-27th. Get your tickets here!

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me: