The Email vs. Mobile App Rematch

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You're the ref! It's time for the Bananatag vs Staffbase Rematch! A changed since the 2019 Showdown. Email vs. employee app is still a hot topic and knowing which solution works for you is critical to getting your message to your workforce. Hear both sides and be the judge of our epic showdown!

In the Staffbase corner: Frank Wolf, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

In the Bananatag corner: Chris Wagner, Co-Founder and CMO
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Watch the showdown:

Watch the webinar and walk away with:

  • WHY the key differences between a mobile app and email matter
  • HOW each platform can be used to achieve your IC and business goals
  • WHAT you will be able to measure in order to prove your effectiveness
  • WHICH internal communication solution will help you to reach your goals and all of your employees