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Revolutionizing Employee Engagement Beyond Social Networks

LiveJuly 31, 2024
11:00 AM EST/ 4:00 PM BST
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Meta Workplace is shutting down, but your employee communication strategies don't have to. In this webinar, discover why Staffbase is your ultimate alternative to Workplace to provide a best-in-class employee engagement experience. With a user-friendly interface and powerful engagement tools, Staffbase empowers organizations to connect and engage with their employees more effectively. 🤝

Tune in on July 31 to:
    🌐 Gain a deep understanding of the latest trends and challenges in internal communications from industry experts.
    📈 Discover how the Staffbase platform enhances social interaction and fosters vibrant communication cultures.
    📱See a live Staffbase demo showcasing its seamless integration of corporate news, departmental content, and social walls.
Secure your spot now and see how Staffbase can uplevel your workplace communications and employee engagement. 📅

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Our Speakers...

Kelly Designs -1
Karen Downs
Senior Strategic Advisor at Staffbase
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Sebastian Hoff
Principal Strategic Advisor at Staffbase
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Ishaan Shah
Director, Solutions Engineering NA at Stafbase