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The Multi-Channel Guide to Internal Comms in 2023

The Multi Channel Guide to Internal Comms (1)
We're putting our best foot forward in 2023! Having a simplified and efficient communication strategy is key to ensuring information stays consistent and connected. Watch this webinar to hear from our speakers as they discussed how Staffbase tools have helped shape their multi-channel IC strategy. 💪

Watch the webinar:

Watch the webinar to hear our panelists discuss:

  • Importance of building a solid communication network and capturing your workforce engagement
  • Directing the flow of important and relevant information to employees
  • Utilizing Staffbase tools to fit into your company culture
  • Overcoming conversations happening over fragmented comms channels

Our speakers:

Lorne Batman
Lorne Batman
Large Enterprise Account Executive at Staffbase
Marcia Meredith
Vice President - Communications & Culture at LGS Legacy Care
Chris Sheffield
Internal Communications Manager at Youth Villages