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What Do Your Employees Want to Hear About?

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Connecting with your employees is crucial to the success of your internal comms strategy and one of the best ways to connect is through a strong corporate narrative! ✍️

Watch our illuminating webinar where our panelists discussed the impact of a well-built company narrative, how to create digital content that resonates with your employees, and the best channels for content distribution.👏

Watch the webinar:

Our panelists discussed:

  • Building relationships with your employees.
  • Developing a clear corporate narrative and deploying it using digital tools.
  • Determining the best channels to use to reach your workforce.
  • Promoting organizational resilience in tough times.

Meet our panelists:

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Tara Brooks
Vice President, Customer Success - Americas at Staffbase
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Samantha Hillstrom
Senior Director, Internal Communications and Employee Engagement at Blue Apron
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Trish Nicolas
Executive Vice President at SPI Group
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Molly Riordan
Specialist, Team Member Experience at Wilson Sporting Goods Co.