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Reach your frontline workers with a modern digital solution.

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  • Unify your messaging and engage your workforce with digital tools.
  • Turn your frontline workers into your biggest employee advocates
  • Manage the uncertainties associated with change with efficient, strong comms.
  • Reduce safety-related incidents with a safety-first and mobile-first strategy.

"We wanted more momentum, more direct communication, stronger collaboration, and more involvement on issues. An employee newspaper could no longer fulfill these requirements. An interactive tool was necessary and important.”

Stefan Rathausky, Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications at RHI Magnesita

That's how much productivity can rise when companies implement new technology to enhance communication.
That's the number of manufacturing jobs that will go unfilled by 2028 due to a lack of skilled workers.
That's the percentage of frontline workers who report that the communication they receive on the job is insufficient.