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  • The current state of internal communications in healthcare—from hospitals to assisted care facilities
  • The five biggest ways your non-desk workers are challenged by existing communication strategies and technologies
  • How a Staffbase customer in healthcare addresses these communication challenges
  • Strategies and technologies you can implement to improve employee engagement and embrace digital transformation

It was the speed at which this solution could be made available that was a decisive factor for us, particularly in view of developments in connection with COVID-19. It was imperative for us to ensure that medical and nursing staff were informed quickly and comprehensively.

Matthias Hofer, Head of Communication at NÖ LGA

U.S. Healthcare Turnover in 2022
Percent of Clinicians Who Report Symptoms of Burnout
Number of Non-Desk Workers in the Global Healthcare Workforce
NHS Vacancies in 2022
Annual Cost to U.S. Hospitals Using Outdated Comms Tech
45 min
Wasted Each Day by Clinicians Using Old Comms Tech