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The Evolving Communicator:
A Guide to 2023

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In modern workplaces, internal communicators play a critical role.

They are the key link between leaders and employees, ensuring that communication is empathetic and sensitive to the needs of the workforce. They are integral for disseminating information across the organization in a timely and informed way. And they’ve been crucial for responding to today’s uncertain external landscape, helping to build trust between employers and their employees. With the right investment in people and technology, the future of this invaluable profession will only continue to grow in strength throughout 2023 and beyond.

In this white paper you'll find:

  • The impact of effective and authentic digital communication
  • The current state of play for ICs across the US and UK
  • Our forecast on the bright future of internal communications
  • Testimonials from communicators who are leveraging employee communication management tools

Businesses can’t be siloed from what’s happening in the outside world, so it’s crucial to not work in silos when it comes to communicating, especially when you are working throughout significant global events.

Bret Roberts, Internal Communications Coordinator at EDA Contractors

We invited 600 senior-level ICs from across the US and UK to talk to us about their role and we found:

of ICs are finding it difficult to communicate with deskless workers.
of ICs face challenges when it comes to successfully executing their comms strategies.
say their role is valued within their organizations post-pandemic.