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AI Bootcamp Round Two ūüí™

Watch our AI Bootcamp Part 2 to discover how AI tools can transform your communication strategy. Break through any apprehension and unlock the power of AI in your communication toolkit.
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AI Bootcamp
On Demand
In this bootcamp, you will find two back-to-back sessions that give an overview of how to create content with AI, the ethical boundaries surrounding AI, and AI tools that can support your communication strategy.
Our Speakers:
Kelly Designs  (3)
Ann Melinger
Brilliant InkCEO
Kelly Designs  (2) copy 13
Fiona Passantino
StoryLNZVisual Communication Specialist
Kelly Designs  (3) copy
Mina Bojic
StaffbaseCorporate Account Executive
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Melanie Barna
ROI CommunicationSVP
Our Sessions Include
Ethical Approach to AI: Setting Boundaries
In this session, we discuss defining the limits of AI, addressing potential biases, and fostering a culture of ethical AI usage within organizations.
AI-Powered Strategies for Content Creation
In this session, AI guru Fiona demonstrates the seamless integration of cutting-edge text, audio, and visual AI tools that will elevate your content game. Take notes as you discover practical AI tools to revolutionize your organization's projects.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who should watch the AI Bootcamp?
Everyone who is interested in the topic of AI and would like to learn how to use AI in their everyday work life. It doesn't matter whether your company implements AI or not. Take the time to learn how this tool can help you!

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me: