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From Tool Confusion to Communication Fusion:
Practical AI in Comms

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Embark on a journey of discovery with Staffbase and Sandpiper as we delve into the transformative world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in communications. 🚀

Sandpiper, a multi-award-winning communications consultancy, has been at the forefront of integrating AI into communications. Their groundbreaking global intelligence report "AI in Communications Report 2023" was a world-first, and shed light on the evolving landscape of AI in global communications and underlined the importance for industry professionals to embrace AI technology. Discover more about their AI expertise here.

In collaboration with Sandpiper, we at Staffbase aim to bridge the AI knowledge gap for Internal Comms Managers. This webinar is designed to demystify AI, providing a clear pathway towards leveraging AI for enhanced internal communications. Through a blend of strategic discussions and live tool demonstrations, attendees will gain actionable insights to navigate the AI maze confidently.

Watch the recording

Watch the webinar to hear our experts discuss:

  • The impact of AI on the global communications landscape.
  • Live demonstrations of AI-driven communication tools in action.
  • Practical strategies for integrating AI into your communications toolkit.
  • Real-world challenges and solutions from the community, addressed in the Q&A segment.

Meet Our Speakers:

Rob van Alphen
Rob van Alphen

Head of Strategy & Innovation, APAC at Sandpiper
Rob van Alphen boasts over a decade of expertise in digitizing global brands across Europe, Middle East, and Southeast Asia. At Sandpiper, he pioneered AI services and trained major companies like GE and Amgen.

With 14 years in the sector, he's worked with Mastercard, Toyota, and Coca-Cola among others. Passionate about the future of work and responsible AI, Rob remains an avid industry innovator.
David Cyrus
David Cyrus

Head of APAC Marketing & Communications at Staffbase
David's experience with AI in marketing & communications started in 2020 and was enriched during his tenure as Director of Marketing at Faethm AI.

Recently, he's been showcased as a guest speaker on distinguished platforms including webinars and podcasts with the Revenue Marketing Alliance, the Global Artificial Intelligence Conference, and a well-received AI in marketing & communications masterclass at the Generative AI Summit in Sydney.