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How has IC changed? A 2021 View on the Most Effective Comms Channels

Staffbase- A 2021 View on the Most Effective Comms Channels
A lot has changed over the past year! From communicating with remote employees to coordinating a hybrid workforce, internal communications teams, and the channels they use to reach employees, have had to continuously evolve.

Watch our lively webinar with Suzie Robinson from Clearbox Consulting and Staffbase’s Frank Wolf — we'll discuss the best employee channels, and the most promising concepts for the future of your intranet, mobile strategy, and digital workplace. We’ll also consider the different angles your channel strategy needs to cover to work for employees, corporate functions, and local publishers.

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Join the discussion to...

  • Understand how internal comms is changing as more companies move towards hybrid work
  • Develop your channel strategy so it works for employees, corporate functions and local publishers
  • Get the balance between clear communications and managing your channels effectively
  • Gain insight on how to avoid digital overload by communicating the right content at the right time

Our hosts:

Suzie Robinson from ClearBox Consulting
Suzie Robinson
Intranet Expert & Reports Consultant at ClearBox Consulting
Frank Wolf from Staffbase
Frank Wolf
President & Co-founder of Staffbase