Ask the Experts: Diversity & Inclusion for the Internal Communicator

Diversity and inclusion matters. And not just to your company’s bottom line.

Having conversations about gender, race, sexual orientation, beliefs, physical and mental ability, and the magnitude of other things that make us all unique isn’t always easy. Especially in the work environment. Communicators are now playing a pivotal role in how D&I initiatives are implemented and received, with the added responsibility of making sure internal communications are accessible and inclusive. So, how well do your communications foster belonging in your organization?

We invited three D&I experts to answer all of your questions about diversity and inclusion, while showing you what it means to be a good ally in your organization.

Watch the webinar!

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • The role and power of communications in facilitating diversity & inclusion
  • Why D&I programs fail and who they are failing
  • How to get leaders and managers to be proactive about D&I
  • How to be proactive in your conversations about D&I