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Foster Allyship, Inspire Inclusion: Celebrating Women's Contributions in Comms

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In this roundtable, women in internal comms share their experiences, insights, and strategies to cultivate an inclusive workplace culture that celebrates diversity and empowerment.

Watch the webinar to learn:
✔️ The transformative impact of mentorship on women’s professional development in the workplace and the role of internal comms in fostering these relationships.
✔️ Practical insights for internal comms to promote inclusion.
✔️ Panelists’ insights on their success strategies and overcoming challenges in their careers.

Watch the Webinar:

Our Speakers:

Kelly Designs  (5) copy 7
Lauren Burgess
Customer Marketing Manager at Staffbase
Kelly Designs  (5) copy 5-1
Cynthia Baker
Director of Communications at Brinks Incorporated
Kelly Designs  (5) copy 4-1
Kate Isichei
Founder of Where to Look Communications
Kelly Designs  (5) copy 3-1
Kim Clark
Owner of Kim Clark Communications Inc
Kelly Designs  (5) copy 8
Maredie Goodson
Communications & Digital Experience Manager at Domino’s