Communicating [in] Crisis:

4 Proven Strategies to Communicate During Quarantine

In the midst of COVID-19, your company's ability to communicate quickly and clearly matters now more than ever. Employees on the factory floor, out in the field, restocking the shelves, or working from home are uncertain about their options, scared to lose their incomes, and often difficult to reach. In this webinar, we'll be discussing four proven strategies that you can implement in order to communicate effectively with your entire workforce—regardless of their location or access to a desktop—during a time of crisis.


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Here Are the Facts

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is having a massive impact on businesses around the globe, as companies struggle to keep their operations running productively despite troubling uncertainties.

More and more businesses have mandated that their employees work from home (WFH) in the ongoing effort to minimize the effects of the outbreak, while for many more working from home is simply not an option—hourly workers don't get paid if they don't work. For both situations, clear communication on company policies regarding things like work from home or shift scheduling to ensure social distancing is of paramount importance.

In this webinar, we'll be discussing four strategies to communicate effectively with your workforce during a time of crisis. Specifically, we'll seek to address the following questions:

  • Why does your message matter more now?
  • What does planning look like with or without WFH being a possibility?
  • How can you provide a single source of truth?
  • How can you build a fundamental channel?
About the Presenter

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Jason Etter
Director of Marketing | Staffbase 

Jason heads the U.S. marketing and brand strategy for Staffbase and has served as an expert in operational leadership, marketing, sales, and business development for more than ten years. He’s obsessed with thinking outside the box and brings his distinctive energy wherever he goes. With a background in theatre and film history, he’s ventured into the world of podcasting and currently stars in Staffbase’s YouTube videos.