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The Internal Comms Masterclass: Communicate

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Welcome to the second part of our Internal Comms Masterclass webinar series!

This webinar focused on the Communicate key area. Our panel discussed everything that comes with planning your internal comms, including diverse channels and formats.

Watch the Webinar:

Take a deep dive into the Communicate area of our Masterclass and learn how to:

  • Plan your internal comms strategy (with a template we'll send you after the webinar!)
  • Find the right mix of comms channels for your workplace
  • Craft powerful messages that help you spread mission-critical information
  • Enable leadership to become professional internal communicators

Meet our hosts:

Tara Jaf
Tara Jaf
Content Marketing Manager at Staffbase
Imogen Hitchcock
Imogen Hitchcock
Founder of Beaumont